Thursday, April 23, 2009

Second Opinion

Just got a second opinion from Kak Mi and I could not agree more with her regarding the 'issue'. Sometimes, it's better to consult the 'ladies' instead of the men with it comes to problems relating relationship. So, I guess I should take the other side of the road and do not interfere with it. "Must try to avoid any unnecessary 'contact'" said Kak Mi with a stern look from her face. Haha, yup Kak Mi, will do.

Got the answer for my questions

P/s Don't want to be the 'third party'.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Is It

Just follow the flow

Wednesday morning.
Still I haven't reply 'her' mail yet. Maybe tonight I will do that and later on set the time for me to meet her. I think, it is better for me to talk about it face to face rather than talking via phone. Need to make it as simple as possible and later on, will make it easier for me to move on regardless of the outcome.

P/s Too many coincidence happen lately especially when it involves 'her'.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Mom's Birthday


Happy Birthday to you. Love you always, mom.
I know that you're not reading this but as a reminder to me, to always remember this date.
Hoho, guys are known to be forgetful especially on dates.

P/s Celebrating it at David. Need to be there by 8.00 pm. So, got to rush.

Out of The Blue

Got an e-mail from someone really, really unexpected this morning. It's from 'her'. Been 8 years since we last meet and then, all of a sudden a mail. I've just had a conversation regarding 'her' with Jaafar two days ago on how I missed her and how thing ended plus me moving on with my life and now this...

All that I knows, she's already engaged to someone that I didn't know (that's a relief).
All that I need to do is to confront her again. I still remember what Leo used to say to me...

If you say it to her you have 99% rate of failure but at least 1% rate of success BUT
if you didn't say anything to her, then you're for sure going to fail 100%.
Regardless of what you did, at least you should try and you will not lose anything (because you already lose her, hahaha).

Last night, I watched the final episode of that Japanese drama again, and it really hit me hard every time I watched it...

Ask, and you shall find the answer.
Seek, and you will find the truth.
Knock, and the door shall be open to you.

Which side of the road should I take?

P/s Kenzo x Rei.


first month of my job....
i forgot everything...all my favourite...
the raindrop seems to be nothing special, i forgot how the cloud look like today, how funny it was-the comics, anime and the movies, never again at night to watch the moon and the stars. i do think somehow, i totally forgot how fun life could be...have you?
ps: when driving, open the window, feel the wind-it was fun.

To Anon,
Yup, it happen to me too. Nowadays, my life is just ain't like the way it used to be. No more waking up late in the morning. No more strolling or wandering around aimlessly in a foreign place while snapping pictures. No more free time to do what I loved most to do (including blogging). No more tossing endless pile of pancakes. No more bumping with strange peoples with my strange bike. And the list will goes on and on and on.
But apart from that, we should know that our life should start somewhere, right? Eventhough that we almost 'lost' all of the fun stuff when we were students, all least we still have fond memories of it, right? Something that we can treasure for years to come.
Something that will make us a better person in the future (hopefully)...


P/s I need to kick start my life somehow.