Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Here To Work, Not To Libur

Been in Jakarta for more than a week and all that I can say is that I'm beginning to love my country more despite some minor hiccups here and there. The cost of living, foods, necessity are really cheap in here but despite of that, I'm starting to get some headache when I'm trying to do my job properly in there. Too many red tape needed before anything goes through. Now, I'm back in KL to do some desk job while trying to solve some problems that occurred while I'm gone. Hrmmm.

Back to basic.

I need to open up my aviation book again.

Strip naked.

'Baling-baling' or propeller as being known in here.

I'm still under training in here.

The Indonesian Police 'Sky Truck'.

Air Force One, The Indonesian President's aircraft. Actually, this is a restricted area and no photos are allowed but being me, I just snapped it anyway (make sure that the coast is clear beforehand).

P/s Something bad happened here.


rerama salju said...

Jakarta untuk libur barang sekejap oklah kan,my SIL pernah kerja kat sana,tak sampai setahun dah Banzaiiiii...tak sanggup dengan red tape yg mcm Wan ckp tu lah,lagi pulak dia single,..macam2 dugaan,Scary!

riken said...

setuju tu akak, mmg banyak red tape nyer dari yg bawah sampai yg kat atas. nasib baik la my bos tu ada, dia la yg handle semua 'demand' tu. as for me, that is part of the training too. to observe and to learn how to handle peoples like that (something that i'm not good at).
p/s tetiba rindu pulak ngan sambal ijau nyer tu.