Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Day In Penang

Walking along with 'Spongebob' at a 'pasar malam' in Cheroktokun (not sure about the spelling - can someone correct me if I'm wrong, thanks).
"Jatuh la saham kamu jalan dengan 'natang' tu", said my brother in law.
"Haha, takper kalau jatuh pun skit ajer, I still got plenty"

Ouchhh, I scratched my sister car. It's not my fault but some crazy Penang driver did it.
Luckily it is not too visible but I still need to sent it to the workshop to do some minor 'touch up'.

P/s Spending or should I say wasting my Valentine day with my brother & a faulty radiator.


wani ezryl * said...

bagus jwpn itu.. hahah

hey im back in shah alam! xD tp demam.. huhu

Inah said...

hello wan..greeetings from adelaide..waahh..dah settle down rupanya :)

wish me best of luck..another 3 years to go :)

Anggerik_putih said...

hi..saya selalu jer bukak ur page ni coz nk tgk entry2 baru...awat lama x update??? bzzz???

riken said...

sorry, i couldn't meet you sebab busy skit lately. been traveling around quite often. takper, i'll e-mail you my mobile number so that it's easier to contact and arrange another rendezvous.
p/s get well soon but by the time you read this mesti dah baik demam kan :P

inahhhhh, naper aritu takbleh masuk your blog????

sorry sangat sebab been busy lately. memang banyak sangat benda nak di updatekan tapi memang kesuntukan masa.
thanks for your support :)
really appreciate it.

roziana said...

keje ngalahkn PM nmpknyer...hohoho

riken said...

maner ader la. huhu...
tapi mmg betul busy tau bukan lakonan semata-mata.