Monday, November 17, 2008

Last Day With A Friend

Rohan is leaving Melbourne for good. There goes one of my buddies.

Somewhere in the southern part of Melbourne CBD.

We just hang around here and discussed about our final days as a student. A roller-coaster journey indeed. So, after this no more slacking/playing/wasting time and need to think seriously about the future since I'm not going to get any younger.

Mumbai??? Yaaa, I might go there and pay you a visit one day.

P/s Submitted my first draft for my master's report and all I need to do now is just wait till Thursday for the feedback and then submit the final one on the following day (Arghhh, had to pay AUD10 for a mere comb binding).


rerama salju said...

Salam Riken,
OGenki desuka RIken Chan...
Sayonara Rohan San....
May you two will see each other in Mumbai....

riken said...

Salam Kak rerama,
watashi wa gengi desu.
hait, sayonara Rohan san.
haha, mumbai??? kena tunggu sampai airasia takpun jet star fly pegi sana dulu kot.

wani ezryl * said...

lepak kat tangga tu? cool! ^^

riken said...

yup, best sangat. lepak sambil layan music kan.