Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Light Seems So Far Away Now

(A snippet of my conversation with anon)
It's still not over yet. I've just received a phone call from my supervisor yesterday asking me to prepare a journal based on my report so that he can publish it. What??? Arghhhhh, tensen, tensen, plus sakit jiwa. All that I want is just to pass this subject. Why do i need to do all of this unnecessary thing. This extra burden. Unfortunately i can't say no, it's hard to decline it. Not when my report haven't been marked yet. Memang paksa rela la jawabnya. He's going to use my report for a presentation in a conference somewhere in Bahrain next year and I've been given 2 weeks to finish it. Gila aper. there goes my short-lived freedom. All that I can do when we met just now is 'senyum macam kerang busuk ajer'. Yes, I can do that. Yes, I know that it's good for my future (unless if I'm going into the academic line but if not, my published journal won't do much to help me in the real life because I think my final report is sufficient). Hopefully, there are no more obstacles waiting for me in the near future. Now, I'm back to my drawing board again. Sigh. Ganbatte kudasai.

Why is it so hard to reach at the end of the tunnel???
(Pic: Somewhere in Hobart, Tasmania)

P/s Last minute obstacles, something that I really hate but the journey must go on no matter what.


wani ezryl * said...

may u encounter the obstacles.. successfully ^^

kak ja said...

sabaq Wan, n good luck!!

riken said...

thanks wani. really appreciate those words. arigato gozaimasu :)

thanks kakja. takper, mmg tgh sabaq jer nie skrang. last kopek punya assignment.