Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mousse Anyone???

Got a phone call from Su last night but before that, I would like to apologize to her for being drowsy aka mamai. Thanks for your undying support and yes, I'm not sure when we can hang out again like the good old days. There's something that I need to do first before I go home, something to accomplish to be exact. Wokey, till then and here is the Chocolate Mousse as promised.

I've been longing to indulge this for a very long time.

Easy does it. It's not that difficult to make it.

Tadaaa, just need to be left in the freezer for an hour and after that it is done.
The results... Satisfying.
What's next??? Maybe some cupcakes.

P/s Need to go to the bike's shop again to fix my front indicator. The double sided tape won't do the trick anymore. Sigh.


Anggerik_putih said...

alamak..kecur air liur la...

rerama salju said...

Salam Riken,

Ala....seddapnya...kat sini ada jual tak agaknya ya wan?macam nak try lah....

errr Wan,
Wan kena taglah dik oi!
Gomen nasai!

riken said...

sedap tau. nak skit tak???

kak rerama:
salam akak, rasanya ada kot. senang ajer buatnyer, just tambah susu ajer.

tag??? honto desuka???
haha, dah siap dah.

Anggerik_putih said...

nak..nak..macam bole.

wani ezryl * said...

looks yummy ^^

riken said...

haha, takper, post tepung dia ajer pastu nanti kena la buat sendiri yer. ok??? :P

yup, mmg yummy takper mmg manis sangat. takbleh makan selalu :(