Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Southern Star

Countdown to graduation - 2 more days. My feeling right now??? Mixed feeling. Joy, happy and sad. It is true that all journey must come to an end and so does mine but to tell you the truth, I wasn't prepare for it at all. It is too sudden but as for me, I should be looking forward for it and start thinking about the future now. I always say this, "I'm not getting any younger "and thus, I should start building my career as soon as possible. Now, I got something to jump start my career and it should begin soon. Sooner that what I would expected but for me, it is a bliss.

Waterfront, here I am at this place again.

Same place but at different time.

I really didn't noticed this boat the last time I came here.

Huge, that was my first impression about it.

I really should try riding it no matter what the price is.

Christmas is 2 weeks away.

Made from buoy, the same design like last year.

Reminiscence of the good old days.

P/s I had the same dream again but this time around, I couldn't care less whether it might come true or not. I really couldn't be bother with it. That's something good coming out from me.


Inah said...

happy graduation day!! :)

wani ezryl * said...

b4 it's too late *cuz it's hard to reach ppl's blogs nowadays*, nk wish happy graduation day!! xDD tahniah2. semoga lagi success lps ni. (and sadly, PC sini lembab xdapat view semua gmbr2 dlm blog ni) T_T

rerama salju said...

Moga mimpi Wan jadi nyata!Amin...bestnya!!

riken said...

thanks inah. u too, sabar yer, lagi 3 tahun tu your turn la pulak kan.

thanks wani. hope we can meet so that i can pass your present. dah lama sangat dah pending.

akak rerama:
aminnnn aminnnn, thanks akak. semoga masin mulut akak tu :)