Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Trip Another Adventure

It's been nearly 2 months since my last trip to Tasmania and now I'm itching for another adventure. My breakaway/end of uni life trip will commence next week and I could hardly wait for it. Apart from the trip, something unexpected happen last night (Saturday night), I've been told by Bec that I've passed my cook test. To tell you the truth, I think I really didn't deserve to pass. I'm still not good or lousy at it especially when there's heap of order and I tend to lost my composure during that time. But I should be thankful to them for entrusting me and now it will become harder for me to quit (the thought of quitting has been running in my mind for the last couple of days - and now I need to postpone it for a while). Alright, I'll give it another 2 more months and hopefully I can endure it.

Hobart Airport. On my way back from Tasmania.

Reminisce of the old times. I used to study aviation back then.

Men at work. Come rain or shine, the jobs have to be done.

As always, window's seat is a must.


Looks like toys from above.

Nearly there.

Now I'm planning for a trip somewhere in the northern part of Australia.
Just wait fot the updates.

P/s The house is in a mess. Need to clear those unwanted stuff.


Inah said...

going somewhere mate? enjoy your holiday :)

Anggerik_putih said...

cantiknyer pix no 5 tuh!!

rerama salju said...

Hai Riken,
Lepas ni blh la jadi pilot lak kan?waa...all rounders betul Wan ni kan?masak pun dah pas....ambik gambar excellent lak tu...cuma,menanti suri jer nak melengkapkan hidup Wan kan?cepat sikit Wan,akak tak sabar nak tunggu berita tu!!

wani ezryl * said...

ugh i cuden view the photosss *smack this slow connection* makanya kalau dpt tgk gmbr2 len, baru dpt komen entry :PP

and congratz on passing the cook test. boleh bukak kedai makan la pasni ;]

rerama salju said...

mana tuan umah ni?sunyi jer?majuk bawak hati ke??cepat balik!!

kak ja said...

Selesai semua trip within Australia, mebi time to consider trip back home...?? Bayangkan Koayteow Mergong...

riken said...

yup, but now i'm back already. yezzarrr...

yup, sama jugak. mmg suka pic no. 5 tu :)

kak rerama:
suri rumah??? hoho, lambat lagi kot. calon pun tak jumper2 nie. kalau mintak kak rerama tolong cari kan bleh??? :P

maybe sebab banyak sangat gambar kot. that's why browser tu tak bleh bukak. i'll try to minimize putting pic yer.
hoho, berita terkini i've already tender my resignation.

kak rerama:
waalaikumsalam. dah tak merajuk dah. nie pun baru ajer balik dari jalan2. wokey2, new update dah ada.

haha, yup, rasanya dah tak lama lagi kot nak makan keow teow mergong tu :P

rerama salju said...

muleh...muleh...nak yg lagu mana?hahahaha

riken said...

haha, tak kisah kak rerama. haha, saya nie tak memilih sangat. baik tuk kak rerama baik jugak lah tuk saya :p