Monday, December 15, 2008

Back & Forth

First and foremost, my deepest condolences to all of the family that are affected by the massive landslide that happen in Bukit Antarabangsa last week and also I would like to thank everyone who called and messaged me regarding it especially Fatin, Zam/Lin, Inur, Aini, and the rest of it. Alhamdullilah, my house is not affected. Apart from that incident, a lot of things has happen for the past two weeks time. Reconciliation, tough decission, tendered my resignation at Pancake Parlour and the most important thing is, I've embarked on a new journey all the way to Brisbane from Melbourne, driving. Yup, that's 2,500km of driving to be exact and it is only one way.

Melbourne - Canberra - Sydney - Tuntable Creek - Brisbane - Gold Coast - Melbourne

The three of us.

Day 1 -Melbourne. We are planning to cover 4 states in 6 days. Victoria, ACT (Australia Capital Teritory), New South Wales and finally Queensland.

Day 1 - NSW. First stop, Halbrook, the town with the infamous Oberon class submarine. At first, it is quite weird to have this full scale submarine in a middle of nowhere (the nearest seaport is located 400km away) but there is an interesting story behind it and I will tell about it later on.

Day 1 - ACT. Canberra, there's nothing much to do in this city except visiting the Parliment House.

Day 1 - ACT. Really resemble Putrajaya back home.

Day 2 - NSW. Next stop, Sydney and this time around it is Eidul Adha.

Day 2 - NSW. The city at night.

Day 2 - NSW. Opera House. The visit to Sydney won't be complete without visiting this place at least once.

Day 3 - NSW. On our way to my Auntie's place in Tuntable Creek. At first, we decided to spend the night in Sydney but during the last minutes, we changed our mind and opted to straight away drive there (It took us nearly 12 hours of driving plus some rest to get there). Notice something handy??? Yup, that's my GPS over there. Really reliable.

Day 3 - NSW. Finally we are here. Just 45 minutes from Lismore.

Day 3 - NSW. Strolling in the garden.

Day 4 - Queensland. Brisbane, we really underestimate this city. It is bigger that what we had thought before.

Day 4 - Queensland. Southbank, a nice place to unwind.

Day 5 - Queensland. A trip to Movie World. Felt like a kid again.

Day 5 - Queensland. Gold Coast at night.

Day 6 - Queensland. This time around, we took a flight home. One way of driving is hard enough but to return to Melbourne driving??? It would be suicidal.

P/s My mom is here for the graduation.


casper said...

congrats... mesti happy cz ur mom dtg...

casper said...

congrats... mesti happy cz ur mom dtg...

rerama salju said...

Salam Wan,

Happy tengok wan dah kembali bersiaran....macam-macam hal berlaku dlm 2 minggu ni ya Wan,and Alhamdulillah rumah Wan tak terlibat ya...

Mesti Wan tengah counting the day for yr graduation day kan?and paling happy mestilah sebab hari2 dapat makan masakan mak!HOreyyyy!!!

Anggerik_putih said...

hi riken!!! wah da nak grad?? congrats!!!when is the big day???

Anggerik_putih said...

btw, sy da curik opera housenyer pix ltak kat desktop ya...*grin!!

riken said...

thanks for the wishes. yup, i really missed her so much.

kak rerama:
haha, tu la, sekarang nie asyik berjalan ajer tapi mmg rasa best sebab guna duit sendiri. i've been saving a lot for that trip dan rasanya mmg berbaloi sangat. end of student life travelling...
thanks again for the wishes. sekejap aja kan rasanya nak grad. macam baru semalam ajer tiba di bumi asing nie. cepat sangat masa berlalu.

thanks, hari khamis nie convocation day. tak sabar rasanya :P

haha, silakan, kalau nak yg saiz lagi besar cakap la sebab gambar tu dah kecilkan saiz unutuk letak dalam blog nie.