Thursday, March 5, 2009

Backtracking - My 'Last' Night In Melbourne

Celebrating the New Year Eve plus spending my 'last' night here in Melbourne since I'm heading 'home' the following day. This is actually my second time enjoying the new year celebration in here.

Fireworks galore. Still the same but this time around I got my mom with me. Rather than spending the whole night in the house doing nothing, might as well spend some quality time together with her (Now, we hardly got the chances to talk or even meet . Note to myself - Need to go home more often).

Before that, I treated her to an Italian restaurant somewhere in Camberwell. I always talk about that restaurant to my sister but still, I didn't managed to bring her there.

What I noticed about the celebrations here in Melbourne when compared to the one in Malaysia is the crowd. Here, it's always about spending the time with the family, enjoying the firework display together with the loved one (no matter young or old), bringing foods from home (more like a picnic) whereas in Malaysia, only the young/teenagers/couples occupied the whole area doing nothing but just making noises plus not forgetting littering the whole area.

1st of January 2009, supposed to be the day that I leave Melbourne but unfortunately, my flight got delayed for more than 11 hours and luckily Air Asia provide us with a place to stay while waiting for the aircraft to be ready.

Nothing much to do in here but watching the TV. I tried to stay awake as much as possible so that I can sleep during my entire journey home (Wise decision).

P/s I'm off to Lumut in a short while.


Scandinavian Life said...

lama tak dengar cite ??
dah keja ? kat mana ? cam dah balik mesia jer nie ?
keja aku ok, so far so good, and i like it !...

rerama salju said...

Salam Wan,
Meriahnya malam terakhir Wan di Melbourne,Ima Wan chan,isogashi desuka?Gambatte ne..Yosssh!!

Anggerik_putih said...

bila nk hupdate ni?????

riken said...

yup, now i'm back in M'sia but not for sure for how long. hehe :P

Akak rerama:
genki desu. haha, malam yg terakhir kat melbourne mmg best. macam sedih ajer bila terkenangkan sekarang nie.

Salam kembali.
huhu, baru ajer update nie.