Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back To Normal

As from this month onward, my internet connection are back to normal. The reason for the slowdown previously was due to the usage exceeding the limit allowance given during the peak time of only 20GB. My mistake because I've never bothered to check my daily usage of it till this problem arise during the middle of August, last month. It was really a painstaking experience since the connection will automatically changed to a mere 256KB/s once we exceeded the limit. Talk about slow.
Interesting point here is I've never really fully utilized the off-peak period of 40GB before and it is really a waste (since I'm paying quite a handsome monthly fee for it).
Lucky to those who are using Streamyx in Malaysia since they do not have any limit for their monthly usage.
Why this things happen??? There are two reasons for the excessive usage of the internet last month and I'll explain it later (this entree also act as a reminder to me to ALWAYS monitor my daily usage).

I've exceeded the given limit of 20GB during the peak period.

Sharp rise during the month of August 2008 compared to the other months.

P/s Full speed ahead.


wani ezryl * said...

kalaulah kat msia ada limitation camtu, mesti kitorg siap da kena saman sebab pakai internet secara excessive.. xDD

riken said...

haha. tu la wani. nak download aper2 pun nak kena tengok limit dulu takut terlebih pakai. susah skit camnie...
berapalah monthly usage kamu yer wani???

wani ezryl * said...

ntah x check. but i bet it's way beyond everything! haha.

riken said...

hoho, tu advantages guna streamyx tu. unlimited downloads. best best.