Monday, September 15, 2008

A Gift From A Fellow Friend

I received a present from Malim last weekend. He asked me to choose either this black coloured jacket or a biege one. Since black is my favourite colour, so without thinking twice, I opted for black instead (now i have tons of it - need to diversify). Actually I'm supposed to post this entree earlier but because of some unavoidable circumstances, I kept on postponing it till now. So here goes Malim, thanks for the wonderful jacket. I really owe you big time. Thanks for everything.

Not any ordinary jacket. It's Polo Ralph Lauren.

Maybe I can consider this as an early birthday present. Hoho.

P/s Finished a test just now and here I am at IRIS.


wani ezryl * said...

woohee! i love presents! kalau camni nak kawan baik dengan malim la. ahaha xDDD

riken said...

hoho, mari kita ramai2 berkawan dengan dia... :P