Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last Night

Back from work and I'm damn tired. I finished an hour late. Why all of the sudden I always being left working alone in the kitchen??? Yaa yaa, I know that with great 'knowledge' comes great responsibilities but I'm still under training. I haven't passed my cook test yet. Lucky Steve were around to lend me a helping hand. Very unusual of him indeed. Hoho, last night I trained one newcomer (I think her name was Brig) so after this I got one new protégé to bully, opss I meant to teach.

Last night was Darcy last shift here at Pancake Parlour. Everyone's going to miss him for sure. The place won't be the same without him though (Darcy & Spencer, yup they're twins).
Note to myself - Farewell party with 'Doodly Doo' this coming Monday at Strike Bowling Centre

P/s Thanks Meera for the 'buka puasa' drinks.


wani ezryl * said...

twins? mereka x identical sangat dr segi rupa xD (ke sebab sorang senyum sorang sengih? ahaha)

selamat men-train pekerja baru! ;D

riken said...

hoho wani, maybe sebab fesyen rambut berlainan kot tapi bila dua2 pakai uniform yg sama pastu pakai cap mmg susah skit nak teka.
huhu, selalu silap sebut nama dia org nie. too bad sebab dia nak nak berhenti.