Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Day At The Farm - Part 1

Yup, I went to a farm in Collingwood last weekend. Had to wake-up really early that day since I don't want to spend my visit there till afternoon. It's getting hotter by the day.

Eat, eat & continue eating without bothering the peoples around it. Wish I could cuddle it.

'I'm not feeling well' look.

Catch me if you can.

Sleepy eyes.

Can make one fine lamb chop when he grow up.

Playing with the horses.

He wants to be feed but I ain't got any foods.

Another one with a sad look in his eyes or just another disgruntle look.

Spot the differences.

P/s Right now it's 3ÂșC outside. I guess winter is still not over yet. BTW, yesterday is really an eye opener to me. So, no more holding back this point onward.


Honeylemon said...

cute la animals tue sume... :)

wani ezryl * said...

farms remind me of 'shaun the sheep'. ahaha. i love tha show :P

eedany said...

cute sangat anak kambing tu...

cian pula dah besar nanti terpaksa merelakan diri untuk disembelih.


riken said...

yup, comel kan semua animals tu :)

yer ker... i've never watched it before but since you mentioned it, better for me to go & have a look.

hoho, dah nasib badan eedany. kesian pulak kan bila fikir camtu. :(

wani ezryl * said...

the show is super cute!! cuz it's claymation. it's like u watch wallace&gromit.. hoho

riken said...

ooo, macam wallace & gromit, yup i remember that. plus chicken run, mmg best citer tu. wokey2, i'll try to download it now. thanks for the info.