Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Addicted, Used To

My place - I used to be addicted to these sort of 'energy drinks' when I'm stressed with extra workload. A fast, easy and reliable source of caffeine but unfortunately it's not good for my health and because of that I've already stopped taking it. The solutions??? Managed to sort everything and my life is back to normal again.

Eza's place - Nescafe? Not my cup of tea or should i say Nescafe? She just moved in to a new place which is just a walking distance to uni (2 minutes of walking to be exact - I really envy her, whereas it took me nearly half an hour to get there... by bike).

P/s Healthy lifestyle. No more caffeine for me and I need to start jogging again, starting tomorrow. I hope.


budleee said...


i like my caffeine very much :)

riken said...

haha, if you take it once in a while takper. as for me, every 4 hours. tu yg after a week terus stop ambik energy drinks tu. susah nak tido afterward.