Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lil Saigon... Part II

Went to Footscray last Saturday to buy some groceries. Yeah, my supplies are running low so I went there with Malim. At first we decided to go there with my bike but then we changed our mind, we take the train instead. Haha, wise move (I didn't realized that I bought a lot of stuff and for sure it was impossible to carry it with the bike).

Here we are, Little Saigon... true to its name

Fruits galore...Hey, got free food in front.

Yup, I'm in Saigon right now. Hardly any Aussie local here.

Fresh & not so fresh fish here...Just choose

Malim with his crab...Haha, for sure he was tempted after reading Bro Syam posting regarding Ketam Masak Lemak Cili Api

Not sure what that is...definitely not scallop

They even got 'Ikan Sepat' here. Macam best but its quite expensive. Maybe next time.

Rambutan at AUD2 per piece... Huhu, RM6 sebiji??? Tunggu balik M'sia la baru makan jawab nyer...

Yeah, this one is way cheaper...I bought 1kg of seedless grape. By now its already finished.

Fresh chillies anyone???

Halal meat... This is the nearest place to buy it.


Honeylemon said...

best gak shopping groceries ni kn... da beli xkn simpan dlm fridge jer???

meat tue.. masak apa yer??? hehehe...

MalimKundang said...

nasib baik tak naik motor kan.. klu tak habis satu2 baran guth jatuh sepanjang jalan.. sampai umah tinggal plastik bag jer ler..

riken said...

haha...meat tu sampai sekarang tak masak lagi...maybe tunggu weekend baru masak kot...

huhu, tu la, siap beli rak kasut lagi...kalau naik motor camner la nk bawak balik kan...haha, confirm tinggal beg plastic jer...