Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here's Looking at You

During my visit at Melbourne Zoo previously, I really got hooked up with these particular animal, the meerkat. It is a small mammal and a part member of the mongoose family. These meerkats are so darn adorable. They're cute, tame and playful. If only I could have them as my pet.

So cute.

What??? Don't look at me with those eyes...
(Take me home... Take me home... Take me home...)

I think that the size of it is just a slight bigger than the size of the palm of my hand.

Meerkats, meerkats, meerkats... They're everywhere.

Ready to leap.

Aren't they adorable.

To Kakja... Kalau nak kidnap bebear tu susah skit sebab besar sangat tapi kalau Adik nak meerkat boleh la diusahakan. Kecik ajer dan boleh sembunyi dalam poket.

P/s I used to have cats when I was young. Now, I really want a cat as a pet but with my hectic schedule, I'm afraid that I can't always be there for her. Hrmm, maybe some other time.


Inah said...

meerkat is so damn adorable..suka tengok dalam animal planet..national geographic pun ade..

baru nak tanya tadi..seems x payah tanya..terus ade entry special :)

kak ja said...

Salam Wan,
Adik kata meerkat pun ok, comey.. tp dia minta Wan tolong potongkan kuku si comey ni dulu..Dia takut kena cakaq, bercoghiang habeh muka dia..

Unknown said...





i can't stop ngeing at the last two post, the pictures are INCREDIBLE!!!!!

*btw if you remember arund 10 years ago, there is this disney movie called lion king. remember themon, the meercat, mcm dlm zoo yg u pegi ni gak :D

riken said...

yup, comel sangat ajer tengok dia org tu...bila kita pegi dekat dengan kandang dia org pun datang dekat jugak...

haha...takper kakja, meerkat nie jinak...dia tak cakaq kot muka Adik tu...takper2, kena potong gak kuku dia org tu baru nampak lagi comel skit kan... wokey kakja, nanti wan pos sepasang kat kakja...jangan sangkut kat kastam dah...

glad that u like it...
haha, who can forget that cartoon. themon the meerkat and pumba the wild boar kan...the best buddies ever dalam that cartoon...glad that u mentioned that bud...thanks...

riken said...

err bud, on a second thought, you loves meerkat right??? will you dissect or dismember them like you always do if given that chances???

Unknown said...

all for the name of science :)

i tak dismember animals.. i just bela parasite dlm dia org. mcm you bela bacteria dlm petri dish

wani ezryl * said...

ahahaa i like meercat too. kalau balik kg (sbb kg je astro chnl dia ada discovery haha) if they ever air the meercat series, i'll watch xD

riken said...

ooo, macam tu ker...tapi at the end of the day...mati kan semua animal tu???

haha...sangat comel kat semua meerkat tu. rasa macam nak kidnap sepasang pastu bela kat rumah...