Monday, July 21, 2008

Mount Buller - Ehsan Club

At first, I'm supposed to go there by bus but unfortunately the organizer did some mistake by allowing more people to join the trip without taking into account the bus seating capacity. Duhhh, so they said that they randomly picked the lucky one to go there by Tarago (Estima in M'sia). Do they considered me as lucky???

Met with new friends there. It was a long journey so to keep everyone entertain we played riddles, there's even a story telling session and not forgetting the ice-breaking session as well.
This is Mansfield. The prices for renting the equipments here are really high so we decided to search for other places. Managed to find a cheaper one and they even gave us 10% discount for students. What a bargain indeed.

This time around i opted for skiing. A first time for me.

Everyone else choosen snowboard except me... The alluring factor of snowboarding really tempted me to change my mind. Nahh, lets give ski a try first.

Many to choose from...

"Don't forget to put your name on the ski" said Frank (the bald guy behind the ski set)

The infamous tyre chain... No, no, no... I'm not going to do it again... Luckily we didn't need to use it. What a relief indeed. It is really a pain in the ass to assemble it.

We encountered another problem, there are 8 persons occupying the Tarago plus with their belonging then there are another additional 6 sets of snowboard plus 1 ski set. So the question right now, how the hell we are supposed to put those extra equipments??? It's already cramped enough before and now... The solution??? Just put it on our lap...Duhhh, felt like a sardine in a can for a moment.

The journey continues from Mansfield to Mount Buller... Yayyyyy...
In reality, I was very, very tired and sleepy. I didn't sleep the whole night. Why??? As usual, I finished working at 2 AM and the bus for the trip depart at 6 AM. There is a very high percentage that I might overslept so better not to sleep rather than miss the trip.

Here we are... Mount Buller...

Searching for a spot to settle down.

P/s I want to go to another ski trip...


Inah said...

nak ikot!!! (melonjak2 dari kejauhan :P)

Unknown said...

wah best2... :D

lamanye dah tak main snow :(

Honeylemon said...

"Sesungguhnya di atas Keindahan Alam itu terbukti Kekuasaan Yang Maha Pencipta bagi mereka yang mahu berfikir......."

hehehe :)

wani ezryl * said...

nice one! xD so ada x instructor yg tunjuk cara2 nk main ski? :]

riken said...

jom jom jom...

yup, memang best kan...felt like a kid again...haha...

hehe, you got some sharp eyes...

hehe...takder, pakai blajar sendiri plus google ajer...tu yg slow skit tu...