Friday, August 29, 2008

They're Coming...Yayyyyyy...

Afiq, Aqif & Alia

Afiq - Another bikey in the making.

Aqif - This one is included too.

alya goin 2 school
Alia - Errr, not sure with this one though.

Disclaimer - Mind the pics quality (taken with my compact camera - Olympus FE-280)

P/s I really missed them. It's been a year since they last came here. Can't wait for it.


wani ezryl * said...

alala cutenya ^^
no worries, alia boleh bonceng di belakang xD

riken said...

haha, thanks for the compliment.
yup, dia jadi pembonceng ajer tapi mesti lagi best kalau dia pun jadi geng bikers dan i'll be the leader (yg tak bertauliah)
p/s my sis going to strangle me if that truly happen.

rerama salju said...

sukalah tu!!hehehehe

riken said...

haha, yup, tak sabar2 nak tunggu dia org datang...baru meriah skit sini....kalau tak sunyi ajer...