Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Beemer Fan

Nik. He is really and ardent fan of Beemer. From clothing to lid and to his bike, everything got to be a beemer.

BMW R1200 GS, yup a 1200cc bike. Bigger engine capacity than most compact car available.
"Care to ride???" he asked me and I declined the offer straight away. It is a new bike, it is really an expensive one and I've never ridden a bike with engine capacity bigger than 750cc.

She's really a monster compared to the other bikes around it.

This is really something to motivate me to work harder (ya, I want a new bike too).

P/s I don't know whether to laugh or not. I got a beemer too. It's been handed down to me if I go back...


wani ezryl * said...

dats another motivation for you to go home.. hahah ;)

riken said...

haha, ikutkan mmg tak nak balik.... nak keje sini dulu...tapi kan, kita hanya merancang tapi Allah yg, kena ikut yg mana ajer... tapi kalau balik, bleh pekena ayam kat FC restaurant kan....