Monday, August 4, 2008

The Great Escape - Fort Nepean

As usual, when I'm bored and there is nothing particular in my mind to do, the best way to fill up my time is to travel. This time around, Point Nepean National Park is the set destination. Nearly 3 hours of 'non-stop riding' (actually I stopped for lunch in Frankston) and finally here I am again at the Mornington Peninsular. Actually, this is my second time here as well but during my first visit the park were already closed. At first I planned to stay here for just a short while but then I realised that the park was really 'huge' and it would be a waste of effort if I didn't fully explore the whole area. I end-up staying here for more than 4 hours and still wanting more. Time really flies fast and unfortunately I had to board the last 'Transporter'. Here, I learned a lot about the history of WWI & WWII and the significant of modern warfare.
Some interesting info about this place is that it is just opened to the public in 1988 after being out of bounds to most people for more than 100 years. It still has an air of mystery.

What does this mean???

The deserted bunker. As we can see, there is a ship entering Port Phillips Bay and this is the only route to enter or leave the bay.

Only the transporter is allowed. Wait till you see the 'Transporter'.

This fortress survived World War I and II.

Kind of creepy venturing inside this fortress alone. But it sure is fun.

Reminiscent of old time.

The Allies used this fortified fortress to defend against any invading Axis. This place used to have huge cannon/artillery.


Restricted area. The only modern equipments that are still around.

Ruins from the Cattle Jetty, built in 1879.

En route...

I'm not lost...

Yeah right...

The so called 'The Transport'. Only this thing is allowed to go to Fort Nepean. Either by that thing or walk for more than 6 km. Bumpy ride indeed and the Park Ranger was very helpful.

'London Bridge'... An artist's expression.

P/s Hrmmm, something interesting happen today...


wani ezryl * said...

papan tanda tu tunjuk ada periuk api ke? ahax

riken said...

haha, rasa nya unexploded bombs...