Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Anniversary - My MadAss 125

I bought this bike exactly on the 13th August 2007.

Actually, I had my eyes on a Yamaha scooter but when the day arrived for me to make the necessary payment, the bike were already been sold.

Things happen for a reason, in the end I managed to get something better.

My Sachs MadAss 125...

Twin 'projector' head lamp... digital speedometer... manual transmission, front & rear disk brake... LED tail light, under-seat muffler... mono-shock suspension system... and best of all, it got a 4-stroke engine which is definitely a fuel saver.

Had with an accident once, when I accidentally skidded into the tram line during a rainy day and it cost me a bomb to fix it.

There's some ups and downs between me and my bike.

FI 471 - We still got a long long journey ahead of us...

P/s Nik just got himself a new bike today.


Anonymous said...

wuuuuuu canggehnya moto..

riken said...

tq tq tq...

Anonymous said...

Hi,sweet bike! I'm waiting for mines now! Question: How's the tourque on the bike? What the fastest speed u can hot before the bike feels unstable? is it a quiet sturdy ride?
thanks, just very curious about those questions. My email is thanks!