Monday, March 17, 2008

The day after

What happened for the last 2 days here???

- F1 season are over. Albert Park will be open to the public as usual. Now, i can start jogging again. Need to get back in shape after all the eating back then in Malaysia. Makan macam tak ingat dunia time tu.

- Being kissed by a stranger. Yup, a drunk stranger to be exact. How that happen??? Well, i'm on my way back home after a long, tiring day working at Jam Fac and it was 2.00 am, furthermore it was Saturday night. Haha, crazy Aussie girl. Nasib baik cun.

- Went to Doncaster to meet with some friends. I promised to give them some souvenir from Malaysia. Because i never been there, so need to rely on the GPS. Really troublesome when you have to take it out from your pocket each time to check on your current location. Definitely need to put a holder on the bike.

- Went to uni as usual. Nothing interesting happen except for the hot blazing sun outside. I got a test next two weeks. For sure i need to brush up my Pro-E. Arghh, i hate using Pro-E since i alway accustom with Catia. Same function but totally different software's interface.

- Sessi mengacau orang. Huhu, sorry 'cikgu vogue'. Wasn't meant to take your time for that long. Habis keje tergendala kan. Won't happen again yer.

- Meet with malim's friend, Dr. Chen (yer ker nama nie???). Nice fellow she is. Right now she's doing her internship or consultancy training (not sure again) at Alfred Hospital. Haha, very friendly and very funny person.

- Went to Oporto to buy some late snack. Tired of eating instant noodle every single day. Bumped into some friends from Malaysia Hall. Ajak main bowling skali. Had to decline, still got some stuff to sort out back home. Maybe next time yer.

Weird experience. You can see the race from the tv and at the same time hear the roaring sound of the cars just outside the windows. To Ferarri, better luck next time.

Albert Park. Come & join me.

Beautiful scenery.

Chapel Street. Got dozen of pubs & bars along this lively street.

Till death do us part. Suka sangat tengok couple2 tua dating.


MalimKundang said...

hayoo aku dah lama tak buat evening walk..

riken said...

yup, tu la. tapi nk wat camner, cuaca panas sgt tu...mau pitam kalau keluar jejalan time summer nie...takper, cuaca ok skit skit sesama buat evening walk.