Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Roti canai vs Pizza

I don't know why but suddenly late last night my sis said that she would like to eat some 'roti canai'. Ngidam la tu, but i said to her that it's already late and the place that sells it, is already closed by now. So, the solution...
"Jom kita buat roti canai sendiri", she said to me. "What??? Do you know how to do it???" I asked her and she replied "Yes, i got the recipe from the internet. I'll prepare the dough and we can have it for breakfast tomorrow". "Wokey wokey, you prepare it and i will wash the dishes as usual, orait????".
So, today...

It look more like a 'roti boom' rather than a 'roti canai' but the taste, not bad, in fact it was really nice. Hehe, kena bodek skit, next time bleh suruh dia buat lagi :P

After the 'roti canai' session, went to the 'Lucky Cock' pub/bar/bistro/restaurant (i don't know what to call it) to have lunch together with malim & leo.

This time around, i had Calamari's pizza. Need to share it with leo since i'm still full.
(for sure after this need to use the abs machine)

For malim, he opted the Napoletana Pizza. Hot & spicy. All time favourite for us.

Makan time. Come & join us next time.

To complete our meals, what more should we ask beside a glass of cold water each.

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