Saturday, March 8, 2008

First day in Uni...

What to do???? Actually it's been 2 weeks since my Uni opened. Really looking forward for this semester. Azam baru la katakan. What's best when new semester open is..."free food". Yup, you heard me right, free food. Haha, a friend of mine used to say that the best food for him is when it is free. Don't know whether i can agree with him or not.

Got two choices, either chicken or vegetarian meal... of course i opted for the vegetarian.

Long queue as usual when it's come to free stuff.

Even they are giving away free ice-cream.

Want some free falafel???

Bila dah kenyang baru boleh mula study. One thing that i learned from my last semester about assignment or project is to immediately borrow the relevant books even though the assignment is supposed to start at the middle of the semester. Don't wait until the last minute or you might end up empty handed. Just when the lecturers gave you any hint about what topics you are suppose to do, straight away borrow it.

I'm still not sure when will i start reading all of these books. (Nyesal lak bawa beg kecik that time)


Syam said...

wahhh...memang mcm nih ke selalu. makan`free..syoknyerrr

riken said...

Yup, tapi awal semester jer food...susah nk dapat nie...