Friday, March 14, 2008

It already begun

F1 fever are back. I'm excited but not this season, probably next year i will attend the event. With 3 young ace fighting among each other, pitting their skills to the limit, this will be an interesting season indeed. Who will be the champion??? Could it be Kimi, Hamilton or Alonso??? Or another upset from a new rookie??? Still too early to decide. We just need to wait and see.

I can even hear the roaring sound of the V8 engine from my kitchen's window.

Since it's just 10 minutes walking from my place to the Albert Park's circuit, all parking area nearby have been restricted.

My all time favourite F1 driver, Mika Hakkinen. Lost interest in F1 since he left West McLaren Mercedes in 2001. The only rival that Michael Schumacher respected the most during his Formula One career (picture courtesy of Wikipedia).


Syam said...

wah...syoknyer rumah dkt dgn Albert Park's curcuit. Saya pernah pegi 2 kali dkt F1 Sepang. I don't have my fav will be my fav team. Tak sabar nak tunggu kat m'sia but not sure pergi ke tak.

riken said...

Wah best nyer, semalam first time dengar 'live' bunyi kereta F1. Memang teruja. As for me, mmg tak berkesempatan tgk kat sepang...huhu, usually race kat m'sia bulan 10 dan selalu nyer jatuh pd bulan ramadhan...dugaan tu...kali nie i'm with ferrari sebab ada kimi...Go kimi...kita satu geng la bro syam...