Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rezeki jangan ditolak

Haha, i am really lucky today. Malim invited me to come to his place and have lunch with him today. He is making Salami's Pasta and i end up helping him in preparing it. Still a novice in cooking, haha, i overcooked the salamis or in other word, 'hangit skit'. But for me, it was still delicious. Later that day, a friend of mine wanted me to accompany him to a friend 'open house' near the city. For sure, nie mesti rumah awek, kalau tak...takkan ajak teman punyer. I am still full but like all the people used to say, 'rezeki jangan ditolak, musuh jangan dicari'. So, lets go...

Man, camner leh sesat cari rumah aku nie?

Obey the speed limit, notice the speedo...max speed is around 70km/h

You can't 'cilok' here. Defy the purpose of having a bike if you need to queue behind cars.

Nice bike.

me : Man, kejar la motor tu.
Man : gila ko, ko ingat aku naik motor aper?
me : la, tekan la butang nitro ko tu. ko gak yg ckp ader tadi.
Man : hahaha...

Lost...luckily i got my navigator. Huhu, still need to find some clearing, if not definitely can't get any gps signal (i am standing in the middle of the road just to get the signal and notice Man waiting patiently at the other side of the road)

Our journey home. Perut dah kenyang hati pun gembira.

Vespa are common here.

Man, bila nak basuh motor nie? dah bersawang nie...

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