Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday Market

Among the places that i love to go here in Melbourne is the Sunday Market in Camberwell. Here you can get many interesting stuff at a very good price. All depends on your luck. You wouldn't know what you might end up buying. Happy shopping...

I arrived late this time.

Really hot today.

Peoples everywhere.

Ornament anyone???

The flowers were beautiful. If only i can bring it home (i came here by bike).

Choose, pick & buy.

Hrmm...What to buy? Still deciding.

Old stuff for sale...some you can even consider as an antique or relic.

The donuts here are so delicious. Better than J-Co i think.

But this one here is even better. I bought one Cinnamon Donut and one Jam Donut.

Haha, happy eating. I was very hungry that time. So, everything seems to be delicious.

Got myself a new denim jacket for AUD15, i even don't need to bargain.


Syam said...

wah denim javcet AUD15 ayoooo...

riken said...

tu nasib baik jer tu, mmg takder niat nk shopping pun...rezki kot...mmg best bargain...