Sunday, March 9, 2008

Itik yang berjasa

Met with an accident late last year, here in Melbourne. 22nd of October 2007 to be exact. Luckily i am not injured whatsoever but my bike was like totally scrap. The cost of repair??? Don't ask. It was really, really expensive. Not for the parts but for the labour charge. Put a hole in my pocket during that time. So, to minimized the cost, i decided to fix some of them myself. Fortunately malim was there to lend me his hand and expertise. The most memorable part of fixing the bike was the 'duck'. Yup, i had an extra help from the 'duck'. Been searching the whole area for something to support the bike until fate decided to intervene.

Ducky, please hold still yer...

neighbour: hi there, good morning mate.
me : hi, good morning.
neighbour : what are you doing?
me : urmm, i'm trying to fix my bike. hehe, short on budget.
neighbour : haha, lucky that you have that 'chicken' to help you. Where did you found it?
me : haha, someone throw it at the garbage site near the house. I thought it might be useful.
neighbour : haha, Lucky you and also for the 'chicken'. If not, it might end up at the dumpster.
me : haha, lucky me but ermmm, i think it is a 'duck', not a 'chicken'.

Doesn't look like a chicken at all

It was easy to disassemble but it was really hard to assemble it back

Thanks malim and 'Ducky' for the help

The place to shop for bits & pieces. Huhu, so tempting. If only money can grow from trees.

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