Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Upgrade to Ver 1.1

Got a phone call from my manager, Nicola, asking me to see her this afternoon. She said that she wanted to discuss about my working schedule. Hrmm, i work only on weekends, so what's wrong with that??? Jeng je jeng, actually she just wanted to promote me from Kitchen-hand to Assistant Cook and maybe later on as a Cook. Thanks Nicola, but gaji takder naik ker??? Huhu, need to become a Cook before i can get a pay raise. But it's alright, i love to work there anyway. Really funny & crazy staffs you got there. Will post another entry regarding my friends there. Cheers.

The 'Hanging Man'.

Yup, i work here. Pancake Parlour Restaurant.

You can get everything here, from Borders to Village's cinema.

The main entrance.

Jam Factory, the one & only...


eedany said...

Salam riken. Bestnya blog riken...

the cupcakes sangat cute.


Syam said...

seronoknyer dapat promotion...part timer pun boleh ek...dah jadi mcm permenant pulak....anyway congrac

riken said...

Thanks sebab sudi lawat. Still new dalam dunia blogging. Harap dpt beri tunjuk ajar. Kalau dtg sini nanti sy blanjer cupcakes yer...

tima kasih syam, haha...rezki tu tapi nk kena blajar memasak pulak lepas nie...takper, lepas nie bleh bukak cawangan kat m'sia... ;p