Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prahran Market

Yup, went there to shop for groceries last Saturday and at the end of the day, got myself something that's not related with food. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here a few thousand of it...

This is a nice place to hang out actually. Not like the typical type of market that i used to go in KL.

I don't know why i snap this picture in the first place...

Fruits everywhere...WARNING, before you enter this area & you got yourself a DSLR, better hide it.

"Hi there"
Them : Hi there brother.
me : Hi.
Them : Wow, nice camera you got there.
me : Well, thank you.
Them : Can you please take some pictures of us???
me : Hrmm??? Sure, why not.
me : Ok, smile.
Them : Ok, ok, one more.
Them : Wait, wait, i want you to take picture of me with my uncle.
me : Allright (I'm starting to attract some unwanted attention here)
Them : One more, last picture kay.
Them : Can you sent us the copy next week???
me : Ok, shouldn't be a problem. (nie yang nak kena minta buah free nie, hehe)
Them : Thanks brother.
me : No worries. See you guys next week. (fuh lega...mcm paparazzi lak tadi...)

They must be happy working here, just look at their face. Who doesn't???

You can find all sorts of Malaysian food here, even petai...

The one and only hardware shop in this particular area.

Roses anyone???

Wet section. Unfortunately there's no halal meat in this market.

I really love the surrounding area here.

"Come and buy"

Finally, this is what i got for myself. Hehe, a new riding/bike boot.
The reasons why i bought this:
1) It's on 50% discount (Takper, kalau tak beli tak rugi pun)
2) This is the last pair (Dah ada dah kasut lama)
3) The correct size for me (Wow, very tempting. Rugi kalau tak beli)
4) Winter is coming (yeah, i know. It's not a valid reason)
5) Tak nak malam2 karang termimpi-mimpi lak pasal kasut nie...Daaa...


Syam said...

wah...jalan-jalan lagi...tak jauh pahran market dgn rumah? nice boot mesit match dengan your bike.

riken said...

yup, dekat ajer ngan rumah...pasal boot tu, rugi kalau tak beli. last stock, pastu size pun ngam2...furthermore, separuh harga lak tu. Haiyo, dekat 10 minit gak la fikir. Nak beli ke tak, last-last, sambar gak...huhu, lari budget bulan nie...