Friday, March 14, 2008

It's been a long day today

I don't know why but it happen again. I keep postponing doing my assignment but this time around it was not without a valid reason. Got a phone call from Leo asking me to help him move his stuff out from his place. He already arranged with the storage's company and the stuffs need to be move today. It's hard for me to decline so i end up agreeing but only on one certain condition, i want to start early. The sooner the better. The main reason for it was, i wanted to go home early and secondly it going to be scorching hot in the afternoon. Yeah, i mean by 40°C. You will get dehydration really fast. After how many hours and bracing the hot blazing sun not to mention the heavy traffic, we managed to settle everything.
Then i was taken aback when i know that he eventually got a date today with his girlfriend and he wanted me to tag along with him. What the!!!??? 3 is a crowd, you know. You're better of without me and further more, i still got some stuff to do back home. I already gave him all the excuses that i know but he still insisted for me to come. He said that he wanted to introduce her to me. Wokey, good enough for me.

I arrived at his place at around 9:30 am. Wow, i didn't know that it was going to be this much. Too bad that i can't read these magazines.

Bro syam favourite team. Milik siapakah F430 Spyder ini???

Here we are at the storage company. We need to go here again since it can't be done by a single delivery.

Haiyoo, this is the first and the last one for me...

So, here we are in Glen Iris. 1 hour journey from Melbourne. huhu, takder tempat dekat skit ker nak dating???

No wonder they prefer to come here instead. Nice place you got here.

Shopping??? I already got what i want.

Our journey home. But first, need to refill the fuel. Got 3 choices, just choose.

By the time i reach home it was already dark. Now I'm tired and sleepy. Still haven't done anything yet on my assignment. One thing to cheer me up today was my Professor finally approved the topic for my final semester project. One down, three to go. Sigh...


Syam said...

nice place...huhh jadi bodyguard leo ker...

riken said...

tu la, takper dah ckp kat dia time kalau nak suruh teman gak, suruh awek dia bawak member...hehe, baru tak bosan... ;p