Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Robotics in Manufacturing, this were among my favourite subject in this whole course. You will never get bored playing with it. It's fun but certainly it's not a child play. Still need to learn all of the codes plus the programming of it. Hehe, actually I've always been influenced by all of the cartoons like Robotech and The Transformers.

The simulation is ok, hopefully it works fine during the actual testing.

Still needs some tweaking.

Meet the SCARA robot.


Syam said...

wah wah...main dgn robot yer...nanti boleh la buat robot satu heheeheh

riken said...

wuiyoooo, nak kena tunggu last semester la camnie baru bleh buat satu...insyaAllah for my master project karang, i'll will try to make one...tu pun kalau jadi...hahaha...