Friday, March 14, 2008

You can have it even here

When i look at bro Syamz posting on his new pair of Power's shoe, it reminds me that i also can manage to find them here in Melbourne as well. At first i thought that those shoes are being imported all the way from Malaysia but actually the shoes are being manufactured here in Melbourne instead. That answered the question of why all of the Bata's leather shoe used pig skin as their soles. Need to be extra careful when you decided to buy any leather shoes here.

Surprisingly, they do have Bata here.

The factory is located at Mornington, south of Melbourne. Approximately 1 1/2 hour journey by bike. No, I'm not riding all the way here just to buy shoes, found it by coincident and luckily the place that i wanted to go is just nearby.


eedany said...

wah, baru tahu kat melbourne pun ada Bata.

Kasut Bata memang best... Jadi kepercayaan my parents.


riken said...

yup, same here...kasut Bata la yg selalu pakai time blajar kat sekolah rendah sampai menengah...