Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Momba time

I am not sure what i want to type right now, maybe because I'm a little bit sleepy...hrmmm, maybe not. So, here goes...
This is my first time celebrating Momba festival or better known as The Water Festival here in Melbourne. It is really interesting seeing all the peoples, clowns, games, fireworks and many other weird stuff. Enjoy the pictures...

Time waits for no one.

Fire woman, better careful or you might get burn.

The main event.

The fireworks are just average, i think...it's better in KL.

We're having fun, playing the fool in front of the camera. Too bad because i need to be the camera man.

Because we're making such a ruckus, some resident complained and here comes the security officer. He was very polite in telling us to keep our volume down. Yes sir. Haha, definitely a night to be remembered.

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